You Called Down the Thunder

“If I say to the wicked, ‘You shall surely die,’ and you give him no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, in order to save his life, that wicked person shall die for his iniquity, but his blood I will require at your hand.” ~ Ezekiel

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8 Responses to You Called Down the Thunder

  1. R. Shooter says:

    Wish I could agree, unfortunatly the people that control the mob also control the military. I hope I’m wrong but I think when special forces are brought into play it will be against the Patriots. Stay safe, trust no but family and very close friends.

    • Shinmen Takezo says:

      The military is indeed compromised certainly at the top levels in the Pentagram… with these whack-jobs with multiple stars on their shoulders. But at the Division and Brigade levels? I don’t think so. You only get into the Pentagram after you’ve had your mind-washed, propagandized and vetted by globalist NGO and politicians in their war-colleges, seminars and study groups.

      You have to understand that if SHTF and Special Forces are put into play--they will be in direct command of Trump--not the fools in the Pentagram. If S really, really HTF then please know that at the most Team-Tyranny can only field about 1 million military boots, alphabet agents, National Guard, police and so forth--against Free-Force numbering over 15 million people who will stand up against them.

      Expect these so-called ‘spontanious’ protests to intensify over the 4th of July weekend.
      Stay prepared.

  2. Rabbi Will McCubbins says:

    I agree shooter. The mob are creater by the elite class and the cops and military are part of that sane institution. If you need proof. Just defend yourself against any of these ‘protersers’ and watch the cops run to arest you!

  3. Bill says:

    Really Rabbi? Please document all the outcomes of those defending themselves, being prosecuted and found guilty. I will have no problem defending myself and have no fear of Retribution from law enforcement.

    • Dr. Lon Schultz says:

      Bill in a small town you are probably right. On the other hand, decades ago I trusted the authorities with my wife’s life, they made sure she and others died, then there was Waco with a hundred or so church members burnt to death by the FUXXXX FBI, THEN OF COURSE THERE WAS 911. You can trust them of course, I never will!

    • Shinmen Takezo says:

      If you believe what you say above--then you’re a fool.

      Most likely you will be arrested at the very least, spend a couple of days in jail as the investigation unfolds with a massive amount of money as bail set, have your home completely searched--have all of your firearms confiscated (permanently BTW), and if you are indeed charged… spend your entire life savings (if you have any that is) and sell your home to pay for a shyster to defend you in a kangaroo court.

      They will search all of your internet posts and email--and if there is anything they deem ‘racist’ or otherwise able to use against you to build a case.. they will do so.

      If you use a firearm even in a heavily “red” area it is a roll of the dice. The only way to get off is to have multiple angles of video of you zotztng some fool charging at you with a deadly weapon… and still it’s a roll of the dice.

      There are cases of people using firearms against other armed thugs--and they are not prosecuted… but in most of these cases they have a lot of video to help them get off, but only after a lengthy investigative process with fucks up their lives.

      The police are not on your side--they are there merely as “revenue farmers” (90% of their jobs BTW) and to enforce political policy of the people they work for (public parasites). Police are only there because it is a guaranteed paycheck with a pension a the end of the rainbow--especially those uniformed fecks in Minneapolis and Seattle who obey orders from communist controllers.

      • David says:

        Anyone who has to result to personal insults to make their point has already lost the argument.

        • Shinmen Takezo says:

          No insults--just telling the truth.

          This is the problem with conservatives--they worship some false gods and demi-gods, in including the belief that ‘government is there to protect you,” they especially can’t handle the truth.

          Perhaps you didn’t get the message--CBS cancelled “Green Acres” a long time ago.

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