You Have to Understand What You Are Up Against

The police will not protect you. The people will not protect or help you. They will film you as you bleed for Internet click bait. You have to understand what you are facing. Unless you are part of a gang: then the “you” becomes “we”.

David DeGerolamo

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7 Responses to You Have to Understand What You Are Up Against

  1. Bill says:

    i would have taken all three of them especially the one with the club first, he would have been my first victim, i would of busted his head open or ripped a hole in his throat and pushed his nose bone up into his brain in less then 3 three seconds and the other two i would have broke there freaking knee bones so they couldn’t walk. this is what these communists are going to get from someone like me who is very well trained in some nasty martial arts. these freaks better never ever cross my path or it will be death for them. and there face masks will be stuffed up there rectums. these punk faggots are being trained for two weeks and think they can go out into the street believing they can take on the whole world, these idiots are in for some tough times, people like me have trained for years not two weeks and i will bust them up, even if 5 come at me they all will be busted up.. I cannot tolerate these punk fascists communists led be Soros, Obama and the whore Hillary. there day of reckoning is coming and people like me are just waiting to clean the streets of this Marxist scum.

  2. robins111 says:

    That club looked like a gerber brush axe covered in black cloth

  3. Norseman says:

    Why the hell was he trying to get the flag is this one of those amped up capture the flag games ?
    Why wasn’t he using some situational awareness?
    And why wasn’t there a bike helmet on his head ?
    Where was his buddy ?
    If it was a struggle why the hell didn’t he use speed ,surprise and violence of action to overwhelm the enemy?
    Man I guess it’s easy to armchair this but at some point those bastards will come for us and there won’t be anyone left to help us but us .I guess it might be time to help those who most align themselves with me .

    • David says:

      Most people underestimate the enemy we face. They don’t have the necessary training, physical/age requirements or the determination to win. As Concerned America will be discussing at the Patriot Conference: You are either part of a gang or on a gang’s menu.

      • Norseman says:

        Yup ! He’s right for sure and we’d better start acting like it .does this mean we become a target and not so much a gray man ? I’m guessing that at some point we have to say enough

  4. Mayvis turner says:

    Someone should have gotten this attackers identity so they could take him out a month from now.
    Let time pass so the motive goes cold.

  5. StBenardnot says:

    Bet that ain’t a “stand your ground” state. I’m 70 yrs. old. Come at me I’ll shoot your ass!

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