Counter-Revolution: An Alternative Political Choice (LIVE Webcast Nov 1st)

Counter-Revolution: An Alternative Political Choice

LIVE Webcast:
Counter-Revolution: An Alternative Political Choice
Hosted by John Ainsworth & Cliff Muncy
Presented by America’s Remedy

November 1, 2012 @ 7PM

Join the LIVE, interactive discussion online at

EVERY FOUR YEARS Americans seek “change” by way of their vote in the current political system. Oftentimes, change comes. But the economic and moral downward trend continues, election after election. Our foundation continues to erode. Is there something more? Something we’re missing as a people? Do we owe it to ourselves and our children to do more than check a box every four years? Is our Constitution important to us? What would the founders have done?

Join us this Thursday, just five days before elections for a live, interactive video webcast where we’ll introduce a fresh perspective on our problems, the history that got us here, and we’ll reveal an exciting remedy that you may not have previously considered.

Download the art pack here.

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