LIVE Webcast: “Re-establish Your State: The Ultimate How-To Guide”

This Thursday 11.15.12 @ 7PM we’ll get into the nuts and bolts of the Counter-Revolution by explaining the process of re-establishing a state. If you haven’t seen our 10-minute Counter-Revolution video, check it out here first for a basic understanding:

“Counter-Revolution: An Alternative Political Choice”:

In this webcast, we’ll be talking about:

• Effects of Reconstruction specific to each state
• Our legal basis for re-establishment
• Historical examples vs. modern implementation
• What a Declaration of Re-establishment looks like, and how we use it
• What an Affidavit of Citizenship looks like and how it affects your status, and your rights

We’ll have an interactive Q&A at the end of the show, so have your questions ready!

***Tune in this Thursday @7PM:

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