Survival and Preparedness in a Rural Environment

The Cherokee County 912 Project is sponsoring the second seminar for safety and preparedness:

When: May 12 from 4:30pm – 8:00pm

Where: Brasstown Community Center, 255 Settawig Road
              Brasstown, NC

This is Part Two of our Survival and Preparedness Series with its focus on the Rural Environment. This important seminar will take us to the next level and help address the following:

  • The need for community organization
  • Identify potential small group leaders
  • Identify potential second tier contacts
  • Shortwave radio
  • Determine interest in gun safety/rifle training
  • Expansion of community watches across larger areas

Speakers and topics include:

Forming neighborhood safety communities: why and how
Dr. Dan Eichenbaum

Communications, communications equipment and forming a communications network
Former Miami Policeman and local resident Ed Figueroa

Raised bed and square foot gardening, seed control and crop management
Local resident and gardener James Clark

We will have several vendors available to answer questions about their survival and preparedness products.

We will be holding Part Three – a complete seminar on Survival and Preparedness with Ryan Croft again in the fall.

The first seminar’s videos can be seen by clicking here.

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