Egyptian TV Host on California Terror Attack: Americans Should Stick Obama on an Impalement Rod

h/t Watcher

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5 years ago

Obama Obama Obama -- low hanging easy target to get the US citizen riled up..

What the Egyptian people believe in is SHARIA and are FAR FROM ALLIES with our people!

5 years ago
Reply to  Rich

you are right Rich but the fool is right on about the sodomite islamic sitting in the house of horrors he has made it and every one of our law agencies are complicit with him thru there silence of treason and sedition. These animals are all worthy of death. I pray they will call upon me to cut there freaking heads off when the time comes. I will have no problem in wheeling my razar sharp katana and loping of there ugly heads from there treasonous bodies. if and when they decide to murder me using islamics, i bless that day because once they come no one will leave with there heads on there bodies. I dont fear any of these scumbag slugs in our government and the middle east. the only fear these Islamics know is when you cut there heads off and send them back to there mosques in burlap bags. that they understand and fear. Well trained and ready for war.