Election Fraud in North Carolina

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Bart Goswick:

As of this morning, 5/4/19 — 10 folks, who are registered as ‘Dem’, have cast PROVISIONAL BALLOTS, in the May 14th Primary.

2 in Richmond County
1 in Robeson County
7 in Union County

The 10 folks, SHOULD HAVE been turned away at the polls — They are NOT eligible to VOTE in this Primary Election.

Instead, the poll workers, and in particular the CHIEF ELECTION JUDGE onsite — have engaged in ELECTION FRAUD by allowing them to cast ballots!



I know ten is not a large number. I know most people share my conviction that there is no voting our way out of this illegal takeover of our state and federal Constitutions. I hope that people become sentient and act accordingly to restore their children’s Liberty.

David DeGerolamo

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2 years ago

Thousands, millions, of fraudulent votes are caught one at a time. Keep digging!