European Confidence Tumbles To November 2009 Levels, Euro-Wide Double Dip Inevitable

An analysis of the European Union’s slide into recession:

Following this week’s ongoing battery of abysmal economic news out of Europe it will hardly come as a surprise that yet another indicator has been released and is pointing to a multi-year low in the deleveraging (elsewhere called incorrectly austere) continent, namely the Euro-area wide confidence index which just slide to the lowest leve since 2009, missing every single estimate and declining sequentially across the board.

  • Economic confidence 92.8, est. 94.2 (prior 94.4)
  • Industrial confidence -9.0, est. -7.0 (prior -7.2)
  • Services confidence -2.4, est. -0.5% (prior -0.3)
  • Final consumer -19.9 (initial -19.8)
  • Business Climate Indicator -0.52, est -0.30 (prior -0.30)

Visually, courtesy of Reuters:

And with the UK, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Czech Republic, and Slovenia now in re-recession, and Spain a definitive shoo in next week, the kicker is that German GDP will almost certainly now report a second consecutive GDP print in a few days, thus pushing the entire European continent in a double dip.


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