False Flags and Real Motives

I’m not saying the interpretation offered in this video is accurate, but it is an excellent compilation of original source material which is unquestionably relevant. Until we get answers, the questions will continue to grow.

As Hitler explained [paraphrased]; the “Big Lie” is best, because the audacity of it is beyond the imagination of the people, and so they cannot help but believe.

Just for a moment, suspend your reasonable sense of disbelief, and contemplate the possibility that Sandy Hook, Aurora, Ft. Hood, Virginia Tech, and/or any of these other acts of public slaughter going back to about 2003, were actually false flags…

I say ~2003 because that’s when Clinton’s 1994 Assault Weapons Ban was coming due to expire, and the progressive leadership wanted public sentiment aligned to renew it – so they ‘helped some things happen’.  Horrifying to the point of being totally unbelievable, right?  But what if it were true?

As I have stated before, if this is a full court press for confiscation, as I believe it is, then these events will have to continue, and their severity will have to escalate.. Sandy Hook was an escalation of sorts, not only due to the body count, but because the children were so young.  If escalation to confiscation is their plan, then I shudder to think what will come as the next bigger, badder incident to further their agenda…

And, even as I write this, another event has come – this one in Taft, California.


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8 years ago

Republican voting County with food stamp use 2% above average. Kern County is 41.8% white and46.1% latino while Taft is 56% white and 35.9% latino with a median household income of $43547.00 which is $15000 below CA average.. Demographics from citi-data.

Don’t know if it matters, I just happened to be looking at infographics.