Five Options for the Judiciary of the United States

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Justice has been shown to be blinded by political ideology and ambition in Washington. Let me propose some solutions for the House of Representatives to consider:

1. The House of Representatives introduces legislation to remove a Supreme Court justice with 2/3 approval of its members. The threat of even discussing the removal of a justice for cause will make them reconsider future decisions and their oath of office. There would be no impeachment process involving the Senate.

2. The House of Representatives introduces legislation to censure a Supreme Court justice for cause.

3. Congress formed the Department of Justice in 1870. Congress should eliminate the Department of Justice based on the actions of the attorney general: Voter Intimidation, Fast & Furious and Arizona Immigration laws. No federal crimes are prosecuted without a department of justice: state judiciary processes are not impacted. The attorney general office would still be intact to allow capital offenses to be prosecuted.

4. The length of appointment for a justice will be fixed at six years. Justices can be renewed by a simple majority vote of the Senate for consecutive appointments of six years not to exceed three consecutive terms for a maximum of 18 years.

5. The House freezes the budget of the Supreme Court. Page 16 of this PDF shows the budget of the Supreme Court from 2011 through 2022. Freezing their budget at 2011 levels through 2022 will save the country $158 million. Freezing the entire judicial system budget through 2022 will save $7.198 billion.

We should not forget the actions of five justices who substituted political ideology for their honor, oath and the Constitution.

David DeGerolamo

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9 years ago

What happened to #4?