George Soros Is Making His Move

George Soros is starting to make his move to establish a global government. This new world order is just a front for a small group of people to rule the world through tyranny. Whether Mr. Soros was the benefactor in the $10 billion wager for the US credit rating downgrade is not known but who else has the resources to bet $1 billion against the United States?

We will see if he can pay Moody’s or Fitch to downgrade the United States and collapse our economy quickly within two months. His suggestion that Greece or Portugal quit the European Union falls right into this plan. If only one country leaves the European Union, the union will fall apart.

Soros suggests Greece, Portugal quit euro-zone

George Soros, the US speculator turned billionaire philanthropist, has suggested both Greece and Portugal quit the European Union and the euro-zone because of their massive debts.

“One has so mishandled the Greek problem that the best way forward at present might be an orderly exit” with Greece leaving both the EU and the euro common currency, he said in an interview published Sunday by the German magazine Spiegel.

He suggested the same might go for Portugal. “The EU and the euro would survive it,” he added.

I find it strange to see Mr. Soros called a “billionaire philanthropist” in this article. His benefactors are front groups to establish Socialism across the world. I see no philanthropy in slavery.

David DeGerolamo

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10 years ago

Visualize Soros’S funeral hold the vision along with me and others and it won’t be long and you’ll see it .

10 years ago

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