George Zimmerman: One Year Later

One year after the arrest of George Zimmerman, the media coverage of this incident is minimal or rather nonexistent. Is it because the case against Mr. Zimmerman is lacking any merit? The trial is set for June: just when the weather will start to heat up.

How about a prediction? George Zimmerman will be found not guilty due to the evidence showing that Trayvon was beating him up as his injuries clearly show. A waste of taxpayer money, a miscarriage of justice for Mr. Zimmerman and another indictment of a president who declared that his son would be like Trayvon.

Zimmerman’s mother pens letter to public on anniversary of son’s arrest

On the one-year anniversary of her son’s arrest, George Zimmerman‘s mother released a letter to the bemoaning the justice system and criticizing the media for perpetuating a “false narrative.”

The letter marks a significant departure for Gladys Zimmerman, who has remained largely out of the sight since the Feb. 26, 2012 shooting in Sanford. The family went into hiding after the story broke.

She dubbed her son’s arrest as the day “the justice system failed us as Americans” saying he was put in handcuffs to placate a public manipulated by Trayvon Martin’s family lawyer Benjamin Crump.

Little evidence, she said, substantiates murder charges against her son. Instead, George Zimmerman’s self-defense claim has withstood the barrage of media reports attacking it.

“From the beginning, this case has been heavily publicized and a false narrative was developed surrounding a very real tragedy when there was little evidence available to the public,” Gladys Zimmerman wrote, adding that the days following the arrest were “particularly disheartening.”


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Justin in NC
Justin in NC
8 years ago

Things were slow for awhile but its a week before trial so the pace is picking back up again. The release of the phone data was particularly interesting. The picture of him holding the Smith and Wesson, references to getting his hands on a .380 and .22 revolver…add that to the mix of suspensions, truancy, drugs, alleged fighting and we have a troubled youth, without a doubt. Its funny, the gun stuff basically silenced his supporters…a select few idiots want to claim its not him holding the gun and “380” and “22 revolver” are simply marijuana slang. Whether or not this is admissible in court makes no difference….Zimmerman will still walk.