Gold Manipulation Is Over

Goldman Sachs’ manipulation of the gold market is over. Two objectives were met:

1. They made money from manipulating the market.

2. Governments in the East were able to buy gold at reduced prices. As did people.

This also gave Western governments leverage to confiscate more gold from other countries in debt repayments/restructuring.

As for the manipulation of silver, the insanity continues.

David DeGerolamo

Goldman Closes Gold Short

It appears Goldman (together with virtually everyone else focused on physical not paper gold) has bought enough gold from its clients. Now, there is only upside.

Goldie on gold:

We closed our short trading recommendation on gold

We have closed our recommendation to short COMEX Gold, as prices moved above the stop at $1,400/toz. We have exited the trade significantly below our original target of $1,450/toz, for a potential gain of 10.4%.


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