Gold, Oil, and the New Age of Mercantilism

For whatever reason, we seem to have skipped the appetizer and are headed straight into the main course. While we skipped the “kinetic engagement” in Syria, the rest of the schedule seems to be holding reasonably well.  The coming war with Iran is about gold and oil, plain and simple. China has bought tons of gold, and is “paying” Iran for oil with it, on the surface. (China isn’t actually paying Iran in Gold, they are “depositing it in trust” for the day when the Chinese renminbi will be in the “basket of currencies” which constitute the Global Reserve)

What is happening at a deeper level is a Pan-Asian movement away from the dollar, lead by China, Russia, and India – Gold is the backing asset of choice, and Oil is the most important commodity. Iran has simply chosen sides, and thus is the target of the failing west as the next target in the ongoing proxy-war.  This is not a new game, either – There is substantial proof that Iraq-II and Libya were both about control of Oil and Currency – Saddam had executed an agreement to price and deliver oil in Euros.  Khadaffi was bartering oil directly for gold, as well as accepting certain other currencies including Rubles and Renmimbi.  We destroyed both of those governments, and countries, as a result.

 China is leading the assault against the Petro-Dollar hegemony, and they have the means to destroy the dollar – not just to remove its status as the Reserve Currency, but to utterly destroy it.  That power is greater than any nuclear weapon, or any other weapon ever devised.

China/Russia/India don’t care about Israel – so Iran having nukes is OK with them. They care about the OIL, because in the coming decades control of energy resources will be the key requirement to sustaining  industry and living standards.  Oil is the lynchpin of 21st century survival, let alone supremacy, and every government on Earth knows it – this is a battle to the death, and it has been engaged.

But to control the oil, they have to control the currency first – which is now a fait accompli.  There is a side-benefit in this purpose, and they intend to enjoy that, as well – they mean to “flip” the US , and all of Europe into 3rd-world status by inflicting chaos and violence at home, and by destroying our currencies and seizing our export markets. Effectually, they want to put us into the position of being subservient mercantile colonies of consumers, wholly dependent upon their controlling patronage for our sustenance.

Picture the world circa 1700, with England, France, The Netherlands, and Spain as the world powers, with mercantile colonies throughout the globe – now replace those historical powers with Russia, China, India, and Iran. They see this as “taking their turn” to run the world, which they believe is long overdue.

In short, this is simply the Politics of Scarcity and the Socialist Ideology, carefully mixed and primed, and loaded into the barrel of a gun…


~Those who abuse Liberty, do so at their own peril!

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