Gold Trader: “Stock Market May Crash 10-20% In Next 5-10 Days, Will Create Setup For Bubble Phase In Gold”

When asked why he’s [technical gold trader Gary Savage] expecting a crash of such magnitude to occur, Gary replied, “If you look at [a] long-term market chart…you can see that at the recent peak, [it] was stretched further above the 200 day moving average then it’s ever been in the last 30 or 40 years. So the forces of regression are going to be extremely powerful…We’re probably going to [cut] right through the 200 day moving average and [it] may make the 2011 correction look small [in comparison].”

This fragile equities market plays a key role in determining gold’s next move according to Gary, in that, “When it breaks, the Fed is going to freak out, [and] they’re going to double, triple, and quadruple down on QE to try and pump stocks back up, [and] that liquidity…[is] going to find something else…I don’t believe it’s going to pump up a double parabola in stocks…[It’s] going to look for something that’s undervalued…and that right now is commodities in general, more specifically—gold.” 

As to the consequences of gold being driven down so far when compared to this blow-off in equities, Gary stated that, “Regression to the mean not only works on the upside, but also on the downside, and gold is in the mirror position of the stock market—it’s stretched extremely far below the 200 day moving average. So when [the] regression occurs, it’s going to be an extremely violent move back towards the 200 day moving average, and like I said, I think what will trigger this [move in gold], will be the stock market crash, the Fed, and the central banks’ response to [the] unraveling…[it’s] what I imagine would happen before the bubble phase begins.


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