Graphic Warning: Portland Foreshadows the Future

This video above depicts the consequences of “restoring justice by any means necessary“. I encourage people to watch the last half of this video as a man is brutally beaten for trying to help a trans woman who was beaten and robbed. The justice was for his “crime” of trying to run people over after his truck was surrounded.

I was told yesterday that if I did not vote for Donald Trump in November, I was supporting evil. What is happening in Portland, Seattle and Chicago is evil. While they are Democrat Shithole cities, the President of the country today is Donald Trump. Is the argument that Trump must be reelected in order to stop the Deep State’s overthrow with antifa and BLM?

There is no voting our way out of this. The die is cast and half of the country is engaging in civil war while the other half is putting their hope in an election. Assuming we have an election, the outcome is the same: civil war. If Biden does win, at least the entire country will be engaged in the war.

David DeGerolamo

More from the front:

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3 years ago

“The die is cast and half of the country is engaging in civil war…”
Seriously? These Riots are taking place in small parts of few Cities, ones that are controlled by the [[[bolsheviks]]]. It is Theater, Bread and Circuses, Propaganda Material.

“Civil War” posits that two (or more) groups are Fighting for Control of the existing Government Structure. In all cases of Cities where these Riots are being Staged, the bolsheviks are in Complete Control of the government and po-Lice. This is why NO ONE who ‘peacefully protests’ is ever Jailed (catch and release does not count) never mind “Procecuted”, and ANYONE who makes the slightest attempt to Defend themselves is Viciously Persecuted.

It should be Clear now that neither ‘Antifa’ nor its government (bolshevik) supporters have the Ability (numbers and arms) to “Take it to the Suburbs”, never mind “Flyover Country”.

Most people like myself, while finding some amusement in these sh*thole cities self-destructing, really don’t see any of this Happening nearby, never mind being very Effective if even a few people show up with Guns and ‘Make it Real’ for the bolsheviks.

How much more Violence, and How far it can be Spread by these commie seditionists, remains to be seen, but I’m not getting my Hopes up that I can get a chance to Kill a Commie (or better yet, Run a few over) in my AO any time soon.

3 years ago
Reply to  Gryphon

NEVER underestimate your enemy. They are being funded and I believe they are being trained in the efficient use of guns right under our nose. If on 11/4 it looks like Trump won, they will be turned loose to spread their violence far and wide. I believe there may even be foreign sleeper cells waiting to insert themselves in with these rioters. I live in a small town and there have been marches through here and surrounding small towns, and billboards are going up demanding we change. The power hungry elite are putting us on notice.

Semper Fi,

3 years ago
Reply to  DRenegade

Communist overthrow of the government is 100% correct. That is precisely what this is. I refer to this blog on the marxist revolution taking place.