GRNC Alert 04-16-16: Haywood County Dictators At It Again


A public hearing will be held at 5:30 p.m. Monday, April 18th in the Haywood County Courtroom of the Historic Courthouse. In late March, the board took comment on restrictions on display and carry of firearms on county property and on a second ordinance restricting “commercial” shooting ranges. In what might be a deliberate distraction by what many now see as the “Haywood County Board of Dictators,” however, it appears that the restrictions on display and carry – which drew outrage from hundreds of citizens – might have been intended to let the commission slip through, with minimal opposition, restrictions to shooting on private property.


Although the proposed ban on display and carry of firearms Haywood County property appears to have been removed from their website, you can see it at In response to withering opposition, the county seemed to blink in a March 31 press release saying the ordinance would not be voted on during their April 4 meeting. Interestingly, the item has not been returned to the agenda for the April 18 meeting.

GRNC President Paul Valone spoke against the proposal at a meeting attended by more than 400 GRNC members and county residents who uniformly opposed it. You can view his remarks in this YouTube Video. Although the Haywood County manager attempted to justify the ban by claiming it had been on the books since 1995 and that the county was simply trying to comply with recent changes to the law, in truth their proposal would unlawfully ban concealed carry throughout Allen’s Creek Park.


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5 years ago

I just sent this to the Commissioners with a Bcc to everyone on my NC e-mail list:

Are you people out of your ever loving minds?

I do not live in Wayne Country…I’m in Granville…But If I did live in Wayne I would get to know everyone one of you face to face at every public meeting.

I have a shooting range on my 14 acres for my use, my family and friends use…and so does many of my neighbors. On a weekend afternoon I can hear three or four neighbors exercising their 2nd Amendment practice rights on their private property. If this Unconstitutional regulation POWER GRAB by a bunch of County dictator wanna bes came up here there would be mobs with pitchforks and torches.

Think long and hard on this infringement and power grab on U.S.

I am sending a Bcc to everyone on my NC e-mail list…asking them to do the same…with your e-mail address and names.

I’ll send a follow up by Commissioner after the vote.

Everyone on the Bcc – the Wayne County Commissioners e-mail addresses are listed above. Their names and phone numbers are in the body of the article.

5 years ago

Ya! THAT might float…. Looks like we’re gonna need an awful lot of lamp posts….and rope.

5 years ago

Plus tar & feathers & rails….