GRNC Alert 6-3-13: Violence Just a Game to Tom Ross & UNC Admin?

Maybe this explains blindness to the need for effective self-defense?


Currently under investigation for under-reporting campus violent crime, new reports from rape victims indicate UNC leaders see sexual assaults as a game. According to one UNC rape victim, she was advised by an administrator that,
Rape is like football and if you look back on the game … what would you do differently in that situation?” 
So Tom Ross’ UNC blames the victim for violent crime? Evidence the UNC system sees the cause of violence as attributable to the victim makes understanding opposition to effective self-defense easier. Why would we need to defend ourselves when we are responsible for the problem to begin with?
Maybe this is why Tom Ross has demanded that UNC Chancellors and Police Chiefs condemn HB 937? Concealed carry permittees cannot be trusted to keep handguns locked in cars to defend themselves while travelling to and from campus?
It is past time for law-abiding gun owners to make it perfectly clear to UNC authorities that we will no longer stand for this type of victim defamation. We are not responsible for violent crime, violent criminals are, along with those who help them by maintaining dangerous ‘Gun Free Zones’ of defenselessness.


  • CONTACT UNC’s BOARD OF GOVERNORS: using the copy-and-paste list below and let them know you don’t appreciate Ross using his left-wing politics to oppose legislation which stands to reduce the significant problem of violent crime on UNC campuses. 
  • CONTACT YOUR NC STATE SENATOR: Let them know you want campus carry kept in HB 937. To find your state senator, CLICK HERE or go to: where you may scroll to the NC Senate section, enter your address and then click on the district number which comes up.
  • CONTACT SENATE LEADER PHIL BERGER: Senate leaders have promised to hear gun legislation, but have so far not given HB 937 a committee hearing. Let Sen. Berger know that you want a prompt hearing for the bill, and that you want it passed THIS YEAR. Contact Sen. Berger at 919-733-5708 or
  • VISIT YOUR STATE SENATOR: We realize you might not live close to Raleigh, and that because legislators are only in their offices on Tuesday through Thursday, work might preclude your visiting them, but if you can do so, it would be enormously helpful. Use the link above to identify them, then find out how to go to the General Assembly by CLICKING HERE or going to:
UNC Board of Governors:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Suggested Subject: “Campus violent crime is no game”
Members of the University of North Carolina Board of Governors:
Given continuing federal investigation into charges that campus violent crime has been under-reported by the UNC system, it is clear that these crimes, including multiple rapes and sexual assaults, are serious problems on UNC campuses.
It is particularly disturbing that UNC administrators have characterized campus rape as a game, telling one victim that,
Rape is like football and if you look back on the game, what would you do differently in that situation?”
This lack of appreciation for the seriousness of violent crime on campus, combined with efforts to “blame the victim” makes it clear that UNC administrators and staff are not able to deal appropriately with this urgent situation.
Further evidence for lack of appreciation of the role of law-abiding citizens in protecting themselves from violence is UNC president Tom Ross’ continued opposition to House Bill 937 (“Amend Various Firearms Laws”).
Dr. Ross claims HB 937’s limited provision to allow concealed handgun permit-holders, who have undergone training and background checks, proving themselves sane, sober and law-abiding, to keep firearms in locked vehicles on college campuses will make the job of police more dangerous. He offers no evidence to support his position.
All reliable evidence, such as the work published by Dr. Gary Kleck at Florida State University indicates that victims of violent crime are much better off effectively armed with handguns. The types of fears offered by Dr. Ross, that armed citizens increase harm caused by violent crime, are unfounded.
Students, faculty and staff have a fundamental right to protect themselves. Dr. Ross does not have a right to prevent them from effectively doing so.
I urge you to recommend to Dr. Ross that he end his opposition to this modest bill, and to better respect the right of those who work and live on UNC campuses to protect themselves and their families. Until you do this, I cannot financially support the UNC system.
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