Gun Myths with James Yeager

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Fed up
Fed up
8 years ago

Maybe some of us are buying to be prepared for the day when we have the opportunity to “train”. Some are trained but “we” don’t know “them”. Some of have a fear of being labeled when we do go somewhere to train because “we” don’t trust anyone per infiltration and names on rosters. Remember during all conflicts at the start the people with names on paper were selected to be arrested and searched. If you don’t think “we” patriots are trained enough to shoot some clown in black in a vehicle at 200 plus yards or able to be in a hide living off the land then you are hanging around with the city folks that need the training. I didn’t know that having as much as you can get for the day when you need to hand it out to other freedom fighter was a bad thing.
I liked your video and agree to a point but I urge you not to discourage people from being prepared in every way they can. This training you refer to isn’t at the corner of the street nor is in the yellow pages under “training”. Who do we trust not to be an infiltrator or FBI informant? What group can we trust not to be a group of “nuts”. Yes, we have become complaisant regarding speaking out and demonstrating but do you think it would change these traitors in Washington mind? They are no longer doing the will of the people already. When the time comes I believe there will be enough on the firing line just like Lexington.