Gun Violence in America Town Meeting

On Tuesday, May 28th at 7:30 PM, Quail Ridge Books and Music will have a “Town Meeting” entitled “Gun Violence in America: What Can or Should be Done in Media, Politics and Mental Health?” They will discuss what the media, political leaders, and mental health professionals should do to counteract the “upswing” in mass shootings and violence. 

I wish that I could provide video of this event but filming was not allowed. The reason given to me was that the panelists had agreed to not be filmed prior to the event. Why have a “Town Meeting” but limit its scope to the people in attendance? The good news is that nothing substantive was presented at this pro gun control meeting. At least in the first forty minutes: I could not take anymore and left.

Talking points:

1. Obama’s $100 billion brain mapping program is a good start to analyze mental illness.

2. The majority of the people want more gun control but the Republicans and the NRA are stopping Congress from enacting legislation.

3. David Price is now a statesman instead of a politician according to Dr. Meymandi.

4. All rights can be limited such as yelling fire in a crowded theater. This includes 2nd amendment rights where you do not need high capacity magazines.

5. The town meeting was not a debate on the 2nd amendment.


1. The panelists were all pro gun control.

2. This venue was a backdoor approach to gun control using mental health issues.

3. David Price wanted people to believe that additional measures for purchasing firearms is only a matter of public safety.

I only wanted one question to be answered. Are all of the people buying ammunition across the country mentally ill?

David DeGerolamo

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8 years ago

I stayed a bit longer, to hear the school teacher ask David Crabtree the question I was preparing to ask David Pric (sic). I paraphrase:

“Why do you (politicians and media) concatenate the phrase “gun violence” as if it were a single word? Why is the weapon demonized in the case of injury by gunshot, but not so, or nearly so often, for violence wrought with hammers, knives or other devices?”

She tried really hard to get the speaker(s) to address the demonization, but got a bucket of obfuscation for her effort.

What a waste of time and oxygen … unless you’re on the side of those working to facilitate an attack on fundamental rights through diagnosis of mental illness.

8 years ago

sic erat scriptum, “thus was it written”)

8 years ago

simple stop making so many neenless laws that are turning honest people tint law breakers,,stom making law for ecnominic reasons,,,and get rid of many usless ones all ready in effect that just cause more trouble and hardship on the american people,,,use some comen sense in stead of nonsense,,,,get ris of all elegeal immigrants,,,if they realy want to come back they can find a legal way,,,until you shut down the mexician bordear and enforce all ellegal laws are country is at risk,,,,,get rid of certain key people in government they do not have the best intrest of the USA in mind and should not be making laws that degrade our country,,,,,,,,,,,,stop giging elligal contract and billions in foreign ade this is a hard time for out country and billoions on homeland security and foreign gifts could be best reviving our industural economy without that our country is an a deficiate and needs the jobs created here not burger king and mcdonalds real ,, improve the country jobs with honest CEO taha know what the american flag stands for

8 years ago

Mental Health is the Avenue to Gun Confiscation..

Gun Control is being presented in a dangerous and dishonest manner..

Next on their Agenda is to attack millions on prescribed medications..


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