Have Some Truthful History from 2014

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1 month ago

I prefer reading history with links. How many videos can we watch in one day? Not many.

1 month ago
Reply to  DRenegade

I guess I am from the old days. I prefer reading articles, books, etc. I also find much knowledge in your articles but do understand the current times .

Nolan Parker
Nolan Parker
1 month ago

Rarely watch videos. It shuts off the radio, but it’s Hannity,so, Mehh..he chaps my ass anyway.. Glad I watched. It brings New Meaning to FJB.
Ya got biden, who supported the mostly peaceful protests,, and brennan,,
I’m going with FJB squared.. Even though I’m not someone who was paying attention back then, and know PhuKall about what led up to this, I feel confident in my opinion about it all just based on who we see supporting the rebellion. The Bilderbergers, W.E.muthaF.ers wanted the overthrow of the government so they could install their stooge.
Got a Poll Watchers kinda poll about a year ago? After some chit chat I figured he wasn’t a communist.. And he asked what I thought of Paxton,,
( ohh,Lookie! He Can capitalize names! ) I told him
Looks like the Establishment hates him..
Prolly a pretty good guy..
Dude stifled a chuckle..
Why? Why Stifle,Edith?