Help David Price and Obama Celebrate the Success of Obamacare

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On Friday, we celebrate the second anniversary of the new health care law that is already helping millions of Americans get access to affordable health care.

In North Carolina alone, 2.5 million people have received expanded coverage of preventive services without paying out-of-pocket expenses — and that’s just one example of what it’s doing for folks here.

There’s a lot more to know. And it’s on us to make sure our neighbors know exactly how the Affordable Care Act helps them and their families. For example, people should hear that insurance companies are now barred from denying coverage for the 539,000 kids in North Carolina who have pre-existing conditions.

That’s why Friday, March 23rd at 6:30 p.m., I’ll be hosting a conference call about health reform with Congressman David Price for all North Carolinians.

Join us to talk about the impact that health reform has already had in our state, what to expect in the coming years, and ways we can talk about why it’s so important to us as individuals.

Health care will be a defining issue through November. Every single Republican presidential candidate has already vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and it’s on us to defend our progress and help others see how much it has changed the lives of millions of North Carolinians.

If you’ve been out volunteering already, you won’t want to miss this — I’ve already heard from a lot of volunteers that voters are eager to know what health care reform does for them and their families.

And if you’re new to volunteering or just want to learn more, this call’s a great way to get the facts and be ready to hit the pavement or the phones and talk to voters.

So join us on the call this Friday and help defend our progress:



Kara Hollingsworth
North Carolina Operation Vote Director
Obama for America

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