How Does Evil Permeate Our Culture?

The sermon at my church this morning focused on the consequences of our immoral choices. We know which is the correct choice but Satan tempts us to make the wrong one. And then we suffer the consequences. After the sermon, I discussed this with the pastor. As is his usual custom every Sunday, he asked the congregation to pray for our pResident in the hope that he will accept Jesus Christ as his savior.  Today I told him that I cannot pray for the man responsible (I know there are others responsible) for the destruction of our Christian nation.

Here are four messages from Obama to consider:

Justifying murder (abortion)

Marginalizing Christianity in the United States

Supporting gay marriage

Supporting homosexuality

How does evil permeate our culture? From the top down and the bottom up. Any church which supports this pResident, supports evil. Period.

David DeGerolamo

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7 years ago

This should go viral on the net…

What we as a people need to be doing is praying and repenting for Mercy..

Imprecatory Psalms must be prayed against these demons that wish to destroy Freedom..

7 years ago

Praying for someone’s soul to be saved is does not mean you are supporting their agenda. Our church definitely stands on the Bible in regards to marriage and abortion. But if Obama and his like that are running this country don’t accept Jesus as their Lord and savior, then they will continue to operate opposite of God. If God doesn’t change the man, then nothing else will. That is why we follow what the Bible says and pray for the country’s leaders. Life will be tougher for all believers if the Leaders are not saved. Furthermore, if we would have a true revival of believers in this country, the Leaders would be outnumbered and would have to change their ways in order to survive. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

7 years ago

Yeshua, does not use or entice other humans who he created to punish other humans.
To do so is only the evil work of Hasatan.
When Yeshua, from biblical historical references decided that human suffering is to be the punishment for our turning away from his Word, Law (Torah), then you will see powers of HIS, or of HIS Angels, alone being used.
Pestilence, Herd Disease, Pandemics, Earthquakes, Blights, Droughts, Crop failures, Volcanic eruptions, Land (plateau) mass shifting, Meteor showers, Unusual cosmic catastrophes, Floods, Lightning caused WildFires. All of which test the hearts and souls of humans who are affected, or cursed by these.
We are ordered to obey HIS Law(Torah). He has ordained in it, pray for your enemy.
This is one of the hardest precepts to understand and conform to. Do not become the evil!
But, He also warns us that having ANGER, in the absence of HIS righteous law, is also a sin and an abomination to Him.
Take care that your anger is geared toward infractions of HIS laws, and not anger geared and harbored based on the laws of some idolatry religion of earthly laws you are leveraging over HIS laws.