How to Defy and PUNISH Gun Control

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John Toothman
John Toothman
20 days ago

Thanks Reid!

19 days ago

While I applaud these measures, we should keep in mind that ‘Resolutions’ have no teeth. We should also remember that city and county ordinances that support gun rights today can be rejected by the next government bureaucracy, as can any state or federal laws.

It is the second amendment to the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution that codifies our natural right to keep and bear arms anywhere in the U.S., without anyone’s permission. This is the Supreme Law of the land. Anyone attempting to usurp this right should be considered a domestic enemy and held to account, if not by the government, then by “We the People”. That is our duty.

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Truth in Tension
Truth in Tension
19 days ago

Texas Senator John Cornyn voted to approve China Joe’s anti-second amendment Attorney General. Senator John Cornyn continues to betray Texas and America.