How to Destroy America

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Our success as a country is due to multiple factors:

  1. Geographic considerations – it would be very difficult to attack the United States since the majority of the country’s borders are oceans. Our northern and southern border nations are friendly and good economic trade partners. But that was the past. Military advances and economic warfare have weakened these factors. Let’s look at this from another perspective: who was responsible for weakening our military, destroying our manufacturing/energy sectors and opening our borders to the world?
  2. Economics – our country’s economic success is due to Capitalism. The American Dream where anyone can be successful by working hard and taking advantage of economic opportunities made us the envy of the world. We have the highest number of immigrants (by a factor of almost 4:1) in the world. People came to the Melting Pot from other countries to prosper under freedom by integrating into America. But that was the past. Illegal immigration and its economic consequences are devastating our economy, educational system, healthcare and are the cause of illegal drug/human trafficking (slavery). Who is responsible for destroying Capitalism, open borders, vilifying economic success and ruining our educational system?
  3. Unity – our country is the United States of America. This unity of individual states was the result of the compact between the people and the federal government under the Constitution. By working together, our potential, strength and freedom was unparalleled. But that was the past. The opposite of “unity” is “diversity”. At least that was the case since this definition has been redefined on the Internet over the past year. So who is responsible for replacing unity (strength) with diversity (weakness) to destroy the country?

You may be thinking that the people responsible for these changes outlined above are ruling members of the Democratic Party. And you would have good cause for this rational based on the pending illegal impeachment of the President. But that is a fallacy. The members of the “Deep State” are responsible for these actions. A term that most people cannot agree on what or who comprises this faction. Let’s start by considering what their goals are:

a. Destroy the economy of the United States from within using domestic enemies. You can see why the Deep State must destroy Donald Trump. Replacing Capitalism with Socialism/Communism is their end game. When the economy is destroyed, they will “save” us by completely enslaving us. At least the lucky ones whom they deem worthy of serving them; the rest will be just casualties of genocide.

b. Destroy the culture of the United States by rewriting history, political correctness, racism and religious attacks on Christianity. Destroying our culture weakens our edification. Our founding fathers recognized this and warned us of its consequences. Loss of moral men through the elimination of everything that we hold dear is their end game.

c. Reduce the world’s population to 500 million people. A nice round number that they will accomplish with World War III as their means to this goal. But more importantly, we see that this is a globalist end game. An internal civil war in the United States is an acceptable alternative if they feel they will win. I believe it is more likely that this civil war may be their worst nightmare: if we win, they lose everything. Have you considered that an American Civil War may save the world?

So should we broaden our nebulous definition of the Deep State? It was pointed out this week that Donald Trump is the first President since Bush the Elder not to have started a war. While I could argue that this policy has a longer time frame, it would seem that Trump may be trying to break the “endless war” policy of the Deep State. You can see why the Deep State must destroy Donald Trump. I will not outline the reasons the globalists want endless wars: the world is seeing already its consequences.

I believe the players in which most of the country considers to be the Deep State are minor functionaries that are disposable to its real leaders. The loss of Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Biden or any of the other “Democrat Presidential Candidates” would not impact the goal of destroying the country or remaking the world in their image. I also believe that Glenn Beck will continue to expose this world threat when he outlines the Open Society 2.0 operations around the world to overthrow world governments as was done in Ukraine and is being done with Antifa in the United States.

I want to leave with two questions: how much of an impediment is Donald Trump to their plans? How will they eliminate him?

David DeGerolamo

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4 years ago

DJT is a threat, because it gives people hope that DC can be neutered.Secondly, how to eliminate him? I just wrote on another blog the how. Impeach him but stop it on the doorstep of the Senate.. No witness testimony. That will bring light to the deep state. Also it might trigger a new threat- ie 3% if he was removed from office. DJT is still a impeached president- ie damaged goods. Then start the manufacturing of more dirt that the MSP (main stream propagandist) sell to what I call dis educated sheeple. Keep the noise going so the limited sheeple vote the way they are instructed. Straight Dem. Then business as usual. They must hope no 3% rebels and at the same time worry over the control of the antifa idiots, so they don’t get eaten by those on the “crazy far left”.


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