I Know How We Got Here and What Will Happen

I have some pictures for your consideration of FUSA (the Former United States of America). The first one shows the consequences of preaching the Word of God in CHAZ or the new name of CHOP. In their Utopia, there is no freedom of speech, freedom of religion or free press.

People in this new country (what else would you call it) have no expectation of security, liberty or religious freedom. Now for all of you worthless Communist traitors who have usurped the country’s three branches of government, media and educational system, there will be a price for you to pay. You have proselytized how we do not need borders, border walls, police, religion, practical education, firearms and voter registration. If you have pronounced anyone who is white as a racist. You have berated our Christian and Jewish churches to the point that our clergy are little more than Communist hypocrites supporting a homosexual agenda in violation of the Word of God.

All we have to do to see their hypocrisy is look to CHOP’s actions. I like CHOP better than CHAZ since it also connotates putting people’s heads on the chopping block. But like Animal Farm, the pigs have replaced the humans and the “people” are still sheep led to the slaughter.

The city of Seattle has ceded power to a warlord. People in the CHOP zone have no hope, only fear of their new masters. The mayor of Seattle has done nothing. The governor of Washington has done nothing. The Department of Justice has done nothing and the pResident has done nothing. That’s right: Trump is now a president in Residence like Obama. And the first step of Obama’s dream of community organizing the United States into Obamanation has been achieved.

The above picture shows the new security force in charge of CHOP. I do not hear any outcry from the people, legislatures or media about firearm infringement. They are handing out AR-15 to minors who have no training and the response is silence.

I find it interesting that for decades, Americans of all colors who believed in the American Dream have been falsely vilified for the same actions on full display in CHOP with no backlash.

We have to understand what a gift we have been given. Their endgame has been exposed for all to see. CHOP is the utopia that our leaders want to impose on the entire country. As stated earlier, CHOP has the tacit approval of the government, media and the Department of Justice. The era of political correctness, social justice, gender neutrality and atheism have now reaped what we have left them sow.

I do not support the latest attack on the people: Black Lives Matter. But if I did support this group, who is receiving the money that I would donate? Picking the DONATE button on their site redirects me to: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/ms_blm_homepage_2019. Going to open secrets concerning ActBlue shows where their donations are going:

Top Vendors/Recipients

RankVendor/RecipientTotal Expenditures
1Democratic Congressional Campaign Cmte$37,059,735
2Democratic Senatorial Campaign Cmte$18,865,936
3Elizabeth for Massachusetts$6,621,743
4Democracy for America$5,381,438
5Progressive Change Campaign Cmte$3,119,769
6CREDO Mobile Super PAC$2,460,773
7Democratic Party of Wisconsin$1,992,695
8Committee to Elect Alan Grayson$1,979,609
9Friends Of Mazie Hirono$1,474,445
10Jim Graves For Congress$1,232,475
h/t Cousin John

What are the consequences of a political party using black racists to overthrow the Constitution and usurp power to put the United States on the chopping block? We are very close to finding out.

As for those who caused and supported the transformation to FUSA, you have to look no further than CHOP to see your future.

David DeGerolamo

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Rabbi Will McCubbins
Rabbi Will McCubbins
1 year ago

Makes me feel like preaching!