I Will Be No Party to Such Wicked Violations to the Constitution

On Saturday, May 21st, North Carolina celebrated our 150th anniversary of the secession from the union. The stars and bars flew over our Capitol to commemorate this event:

In order to enter the Capitol to witness the recreation of the passage of this legislation, we were required to provide a driver’s license and register the number of people in our party.  John Ainsworth does not recognize the current government of North Carolina since our legal government was overthrown so he does not have a driver’s license. He does have a NCAR identification with his picture that was used to let us register:

Except for a minor confrontation concerning bringing my video camera’s tripod into the building (I won), we were admitted to this event. The following video gives additional history concerning our secession since the recreation left some details out.


Was North Carolina justified in seceding from the United States? A republic is built on the rule of law. In our case, Lincoln directed Governor Ellis to raise troops to attack South Carolina which was an illegal order under the Constitution. For refusing to obey an illegal order, our ports were blockaded on April 27th, 1861 by the federal government. An act of war against a state that was still part of the union was cause for secession. If we do not know and understand our rights and history, we will be subject to the abuses inflicted upon us by government at all levels. Freedom parsed is freedom lost.

For more information, visit http://www.americasremedy.com.

David DeGerolamo

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