Iran Begins Attack On Israel By Launching Dozens Of Suicide Drones

Axios correspondent Barak Ravid has cited several US and Israeli officials who say Iran’s attack against Israel has started. It is currently almost 11pm in Israel.

Iran launches attack against Israel using dozens of drones, four U.S. and Israeli officials told me,” Ravid writes. Airspace across Iran, Jordan, and Israel has reportedly been shut in the last hours.

Crypto is crashing on the news…

President Joe Biden has reportedly cut short a beach vacation to head back to the White House where he’s meeting with his national security team, monitoring the attacks, as well as Israel’s defense. It’s as yet unclear if Iran has launched ballistic missiles, following the initial drone salvo. Fox News is reporting that the head of US Central Command, Michael Kurilla, has safely departed Israel.


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1 month ago

The war hawks are celebrating. God help all of us.

1 month ago

Let’s see. What have we done to the Iranians to make them so angry? In the 1950’s we didn’t like the guy they elected to lead them. So we sent in the Marines to over throw the government. And then we put the Shah in power. Back then, I kind of liked him. Then we established a secret police for him to oppress his people. Then we let the Ayatollah over throw him and establish an Islamic State. Then we paid Saddam Hussein to go to war against Iran. 1 million Iranians died in that war. I wonder why they’re so upset.