Is It Okay To Be White?

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1 month ago

With out watching the video and seeing the title, my answer is that I was born a white male 74 yrs ago. I didn’t have a say as to when I was born, to who I was born, and as to where I was born and why. As to white privilege, I had the privilege of parents who knew the value of the dollar and started with nothing on a farm, I had the white privilege of working 40 plus yrs in the packing house, I had the privilege of meeting and marrying a nurse and being married to her for 48 plus yrs and having three great kids. So what is the problem with being white? I’ve worked with people of all races and cultures in the packing house, 98% of them were hard working decent people who just wanted to make a living for their families and have a little ( or a lot ) freedom.The other 2% were the goof offs, the screw ups and the trouble makers, you know the ones, the ones who want o be in charge and give the orders. Sorry everyone, didn’t mean to get up on my soap box again.