Islam in America

Those who deny plain facts, and ignore the warnings which islam itself has been giving us for years, have crossed the line which divides useful idiots from legitimate enemies of our Republic.

What has been happening in Europe for over a decade has now come to our country, our home – the most obscene and wanton violence, committed by muslims, in the name of their religion.

As I have previously pointed out, there are no “moderate muslims”, because *ALL* muslims are obliged to support Jihad – that is, “Holy War” – upon all infidels (non-muslims) everywhere.  To muslims the entire world is divided into only two “houses” – those places where islamic sharia law is enforced are the “Dar Al’ Islam” – which translates to “The house of Submission”; and the rest of the world is “Dar Al’ Harb”, which literally means “The House of War”.

All of Europe and all of North America are Dar Al’ Harb – and thus are considered “legitimate battlegrounds” by all muslim leaders and scholars.  As such, **EVERY MUSLIM** is obligated to do what they can to  bring war to the Western World.  Not every muslim will strap on a bomb or pick up a gun, but every muslim *MUST* contribute to the Jihad, the war which will bring all of Europe and America under the authority of the mullahs and their Sharia Law.  Period.  At the very minimum, their tithe to the mosque is used to fund Jihad.  But many will provide other forms of support for Jihadi activities – helping those who will commit violent acts of Jihad to obscure their purchases, movements, and preparations to engage in violence.  In short, every mosque is an enemy armory, safe house, and funding center.  Period.  Because that is what is required of ALL muslims.

Islam is not a legitimate “religion”.  It is a system of tyranny and abuse from it’s very founding, and to it’s very core, as I have previously presented.  And also here.

Neither islam as a “religious system”, nor those who profess to be muslims, can be rehabilitated in any fashion such that they would be compatible with living in Western Society.  They must be turned out – out of our communities, out of our nation, and ultimately out of our entire world. 

Those who will not go voluntarily, must be disposed of by the use of force.  Period.  Those who find such a statement to be obscene or excessive must understand, that THIS IS THE EXACT POLICY WHICH ISLAM HOLDS TOWARDS ALL NON-MUSLIMS, in the entire world.  ISLAM ACCEPS ONLY TWO OUTCOMES – CONVERSION TO ISLAM, AND DEATH OF THE KAFIR (UNBELIEVER).

Witness the meteoric rise of rape and other violent crime in Sweden  – which has risen in direct proportion to the number of ‘muslim refugees’ which they have taken in over the past 15 years.  Germany, France, and Britain are also facing the same explosive rise in rape, assault, robbery, and other violence as their muslim population has increased in recent years.

I will say this plainly – anyone who denies that the exact same problems are already developing in the US as a result of our taking in such “muslim refugees” is engaged in Kitman – that is, they are lying for the express purpose of promoting and assisting in the destruction of civil society in America, towards the specific end of establishing islam as the mandatory religion of the US, and the replacement of our civil law with the muslim Sharia.



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Rich Meyers
7 years ago