It Appears All Facets of the Government Are Complicit

Millie Weaver was arrested and detained without bail on false charges in order to stop the release of Shadowgate. All charges were dismissed in court for lack of evidence. In other words, there was no evidence. Upon Millie’s arrest, Tore Lindeman uploaded her copy of Shadowgate detailing how the election would be stolen in 2020.

The information that this arrest was orchestrated by the military verifies that all facets of the government are operating as a Deep State government outside of the Constitution. While the Deep State seems to be an unstoppable behemoth at this point, we still have no choice if we want to be free.

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David DeGerolamo

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10 months ago

Apparently President Trump assigned direct control of SOF Operators from all branches to the White House, superseding all other direction. That is evidently why the SOF teams were sent to Frankfort to obtain the servers from the CIA installation.
I would offer that President Trump agrees with your assessment, “all facets’ are presumed to have gone rogue, with a few notable exceptions (the “Kraken”, for example)

10 months ago

They had over a 100 years to infiltrate our constitutional republic and they have done a good job of it. And they are at the point where they have enough people who have betrayed our Country and made deals with the Children Of Darkness. I will repeat this message they intend to slaughter everyone,If you are White,Christian,and a patriot.And you can forget the last two,just being a White descendant of Adam will be your DEATH. God is revealing all Truths and Knowledge to His people.
“MY PEOPLE ARE DESTROYED FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.” It’s not because they don’t have knowledge,,it because they didn’t accept it

10 months ago
Reply to  bob

Media and public school education have proven to be the near un-doing of our republic.
Our next-gen has been taught for 12-16 years that critical thinking is racist, sexist, and fascist.
Only group-think is allowed.
We have a lot of work ahead of us.