It Worked for Hitler

How was it possible for Adolph Hitler to take control of Germany? A country that was defeated, bankrupt and humiliated from World War I was able to rise from the ashes and almost take over the world. The Nazi strategy to take control the Reichstag was based on a concept called Kulturkampf.

From the book Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy:

the Nazis would stoke the fires of the culture wars (Kulturkampf) to play their enemies against each other. They would brilliantly co-opt the conservatives and the Christian churches, and when they had the power to do so, they would turn on them too.

America is under attack now with the same strategy. The occupiers across the country have no apparent motive other than undefined “change”. We now know the consequences of electing a president based on a nebulous campaign of hope and change. Hope is gone and any change must be better than the current system in their protests. Or is it? As I stated earlier, America is under attack and it is a well planned and financed attack. The occupiers have been co-opted with empty promises, paychecks and prejudice.

Our eyes are focused on civil unrest that has spread across the nation in three short weeks instead of our economic distress. This Saturday (October 15) is the global day of revolution. The useful idiots will be discarded by the administration and labor unions as quickly as Nazi Germany once their objectives are achieved. Even though we have been warned about a top down, bottom up and inside out strategy, the forces aligned against our country have gained a foothold that would have been unimaginable just a few short weeks ago.

We were warned by Glenn Beck when he released the conversations outlining this strategy by Stephen Lerner and Francis Piven. A documented insurrection to bring down our nation’s financial system and its resulting chaos was not investigated by the justice department. This was the first warning sign that the administration and government are complicit in this attack. A few months later and the plan is implemented with little outcry from our politicians and some politicians (Brad Miller, John Lewis and Nancy Pelosi) are blessing this “movement”. This is the second warning sign.

Nancy Pelosi should be told that she is part of the 1% who they are protesting against. Unless she knows and is part of the real plan orchestrating this plan. One lesson that Americans have learned in order to find truth is to follow the money. In this case, the trail of money comes from the universities, labor unions and overseas. The objectives have been put out in the open and Saturday may represent the tipping point for the Constitution and our founding principles.

Pitting factions against each other when economic hardship and hopelessness are present has been effective in Russia, Germany, Italy and China. Kulturkampf may have been coined originally to define the clash between Germany and the Catholic Church, but our culture war is based on class warfare. Welcome to the USSA courtesy of the revolution fueled by apathy, the administration and a new world order.

David DeGerolamo

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