J.R. Nyquist Interview with Cliff Kincaid

“Cliff Kincaid of http://www.USASurvival.org is back and has been writing articles, perhaps the best he has ever written. So it was an honor to be interviewed by Cliff, whose insights into the current crisis are unique. Among those insights: Cliff doubts Trump is going to leave the presidency given the massive election fraud; he notes the surprising changes in the leadership of the Pentagon. Something is bubbling under the surface. Cliff may be onto something here.”

J.R. Nyquist’s articles and interviews are always compelling and his insight is unparalleled, and he has disturbing information about the Russians moving their northern fleet through the ice of the Arctic, into the Bearing Strait to support the Chinese in the pacific and threaten Alaska. He also addresses the concern of “normalcy bias” which leads us to believe that since things are okay today, they will be okay tomorrow. So, not only do we have a coup going on here, we have geopolitical threats from two superpowers that potentially put our nation at grave risk. 2020 may have been only the warm-up.

Here is a link to the outstanding article referenced in the interview – Two Presidents, Two Narratives

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