January 2019 Child Rapes by Illegal Aliens in NC 17 Illegals = 171 Charges

We begin 2019, (our 6th year of posting monthly child rapes by illegal aliens in NC), the same way we ended it in 2018, with more children being horribly raped by illegal aliens.

Do you realize, since we started posting the monthly child rape statistics in 2013, (not all them mind you…just the ones we could find that were not purposely
hidden by the media), that 1,740 illegal aliens have been charged with more than 7,900 child rape/child sexual assaults in NC alone?

Think about that for a minute…. Who in their right mind would allow something like this to occur, much less continue?

I’ll tell you who… your NCGA member would, that’s who, because they’ve done absolutely ZERO to stop it. And now we have the Sheriffs of many of our largest counties in NC openly defying to enforce federal laws! The Sheriffs of Mecklenburg, Forsyth, Durham and Wake have all openly stated, on the record,that they will no longer inform DHS/ICE of illegal aliens they hold in their custody. 

In fact, most every NC county Sheriff who is a Democrat, is refusing to obey federal law. If an illegal alien commits a crime in a NC county run by a Democrat Sheriff, the illegal alien will be allowed to bond out and put right back on the street, either to flee back to wherever they came from or remain here without fear of being deported. They WILL NOT contact ICE/DHS about them.

The only person who can change this is YOU! You HAVE to get vocal and get everyone you know to be vocal as well. Go to your local city counsel and county commissioner meetings, call your Representative’s office in Raleigh, voice your concerns, your objections, raise hell if necessary, until they listen to you. That’s
the ONLY way any of this is going to stop.

(These monthly report’s are getting frustrating or can you tell?)

Anyway, in our latest monthly report, we were able to document 17 illegal
aliens who committed 171 separate acts of child rape/child sexual assault for the month of January 2019. To view this report, you can use the link here:  https://www.ncfire.info/january2019.pdf

As always, to view the entire list of monthly child rape reports, please visit our
website at: https://ncfire.info/

Thanks for your support!

James Johnson
North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
Website: https://www.NCFIRE.info
Twitter: @NCFIREJames
E-mail: NCFIRE@ncfire.info
Cell #  910-286-3022

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