Jason Voluntarius Puts David Price Into Perspective

David Price held a town hall meeting in Holly Springs, NC on March 21, 2011. I don’t think he will forget Jason Voluntarius from North Carolina State University as shown in the following video:


David DeGerolamo

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William Sterrett
William Sterrett
10 years ago

Go Wolfpack! In Liberty, Bill

10 years ago

Kudos for Jason, but there’s no way that’s his real last name, chuckle. Jason brought up several simple points, progressive liberal politicians have no answer. Price needs to go, in fact he should never have been a Rep. What kind of morons voted this guy into office, oh that’s right. Price is Chapil Hell and Durham districts. I pray Dr BJ Lawson will run again after we get fair redistricting

Silence Dogood 2010
10 years ago

More evidence that David Price sleeps hanging Upside Down! He is absolutely Batty—aka INSANE!

Respectfully submitted by SD2010

Laura McCue
Laura McCue
10 years ago

I agree that we need BJ Lawson now more than ever. I was so sure that he would win the election and so sad when he did not. He speaks plainly and fiercely without notes. You know where his priorities are and they are with you, the citizen. He also supports the FairTax with all his might, and THAT is what this country needs to get back on its feet. Not that dribble drabble that David Price answered with. I am not even sure what he said.