Join Exercise STABLE PHANTOM (Ebola Outbreak)


Sam Culper III

Exercise STABLE PHANTOM is the name of our effort to come together as a community and practice intelligence collection and analysis with real-world implications.  I’ve been running this blog for a number of years trying to catch everyone up to speed on all the different components of intelligence collection and analysis.  We’ve barely scratched the surface!

It’s now time, however, to pull together and work on this intelligence exercise.  If/when Ebola breaks out in the US, the work we’ve done in intelligence preparation will give us a leg up, hopefully, in knowing what to expect.  I’ve started a new page – Exercise STABLE PHANTOM -for us to compile intelligence information, generate and answer Intelligence Requirements, and then begin the journey of providing the “So What?” behind the information.   Having information is great, but we always want our intelligence to be actionable or predictive.  Providing actionable or predictive intelligence to preppers and patriots regarding the potential for an Ebola outbreak is our mission.

Our exercise objectives  are (1) to provide the most likely US regions or areas of potential outbreak; and (2) to estimate the response and efficacy of federal, state, and local in mitigating the effects of a potential Ebola outbreak.


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