Juan Williams: The Hill’s Hack

Juan Williams wrote a piece for “The Hill” condemning Rand Paul’s 13 hour filibuster. Really. The attention that Sen. Paul brought to bear on the issue of drones over America was worth a filibuster that actually took a few hours of the Senate’s valuable time during “working hours”. On a snow day. When the old guard GOP was dining in style with the president.

So the filibuster is over and the Senate can now get back to “work”. Here is my wish list for the Senate:

1. Pass a budget.

2. Pass a balanced budget amendment.

3. Pass legislation to stop the Federal Reserve from printing money and sending it to European banks ($100 billion just last week).

4. Pass legislation to outlaw armed drones over US soil.

5. Indite Harry Reid for using his office to personally enrich himself.

While reading Mr. Williams’ piece, I was reminded of Bill O’Reilly’s dressing down of Alan Colmes. Until we hold the media accountable for their lies, the propaganda will continue. Opposing viewpoints are fine: lies are not.

David DeGerolamo

Opinion: In taking drone stand, Paul showed use, abuse of filibuster

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) created an Internet sensation last week with his 13-hour filibuster. In a rare alliance, anti-big government types in the Tea Party and left-wing, anti-authoritarians in Code Pink celebrated him as a principled hero daring to demand answers from the president on his controversial use of drones to kill people.

What a misguided view. In fact, Sen. Paul’s grandstanding is the latest illustration of how the GOP’s abuse of filibusters is crippling the Senate.

In addition, several major agencies including Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, are being denied leadership as a result of the GOP blocking votes on nominees.

And in recent weeks, the filibuster has been twisted to weaken Chuck Hagel, who survived a weeklong filibuster before winning confirmation as Defense secretary. The same threat was used against Jack Lew, the new secretary of the Treasury.


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8 years ago

Don’t know why Fox hired him. Idiot.