Krauthammer: The least Obama can do is make a ‘damned decision for once in his life’

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9 years ago

Good comment of media purposes. barry does what he is told to. He’s not on his own.

9 years ago

CFR Charles…nuff said

9 years ago

I think it’s the drugs.

While the ISIL blitzkrieg progressed, and Iraq burned, and the beheaded bodies of innocents lined streets in ISIL-conquered towns, Obama’s response was to fire up Air Force One and take a vacation, leaving his Defense Secretary behind. At the height of the crisis, Obama visited a Sioux Reservation in North Dakota, attended a California fundraiser, visited some gay friends in Palm Springs & played some golf, and weighed in on the argument over how to pronounce “gif.”

What will it take to make him take his job seriously? What could account for such astonishing dysfunction?

This President is so aloof from reality that I can’t think of any possible explanation except: it must be the drugs.