Lawsuit Filed Today Accusing Government of Hiding More Than 45,000 Dead Americans from the Jab

POSTED AT FREEDOM FIRST NETWORK: “When news like this comes out, the powers-that-be try to shut it down. Within moments of posting the article below from MAGA Institute on The Liberty Daily, the site was taken offline. We were able to get the information and put it below for posterity, but we do not want to risk taking their site down again so I’m publishing it here.

MAGA Institute Temporarily Unavailable

The implications are striking. According to a whistleblower, the United States government is aware of far more Covid-19 “vaccine” deaths than they’re reporting. It’s not far-fetched that they would hide such information considering the obsessive push they’re engaged in to vaccinate every American regardless of natural immunity, age, health condition, or personal healthcare desires.

This will be buried by mainstream media, of course, as they are willing participants in the brewing vaccine tyranny spreading across the nation and around the world. Big Tech will almost certainly take it down just as they took down our third YouTube channel today. Those asking why we even have a YouTube channel, it’s for livestreaming to our Locals channel. Until we have a sufficient number of paid subscribers there, we cannot livestream directly so we’re stuck going through YouTube.

But I digress. Here’s the original article from the MAGA Institute:

BOMBSHELL: Government Hiding More Than 45,000 Dead Americans from the Jab – RECORD DEATHS Hidden From View; Lawsuit Filed Today

During Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour in Anaheim, California this weekend, friend of MAGA INSTITUTE Attorney Thomas Renz announced that he has filed a motion to IMMEDIATELY CEASE administration of the COVID-19 vaccines as a result of MASSIVE HIDDEN DEATHS across the nation.

Renz based his motion on sworn testimony he obtained from a whistleblower who has come forward alleging that the death rates she has been monitoring on government websites are much much higher than what the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Media are telling people.

In sworn testimony, the whistleblower stated that the accurate COVID shot death tally is 45,000 people.

You likely know about the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), but the whistleblower revealed that there are 11 other reporting systems that remain unknown by the public, hidden away by corrupt media and government agencies intent on keeping you in the dark about the deadly dangerous jab.

In sworn testimony, the whistleblower stated that the accurate COVID shot death tally is 45,000 people.

These other 11 agencies are being used to hide a much higher mortality rate than even first thought possible.  As the days move on, we find out that what was once considered a “conspiracy theory” is happening in record time.

To date, VAERS reports over 11,000 deaths. The whistleblower stated that one of the secret reporting systems indicates that the reality is that more than 45,000 people have died from the experimental gene therapy injections.

The lawsuit to stop these lethal shots will shine more light on this crime against humanity. Stay tuned, as this is breaking news!”

Here’s the article from Freedom First Network, while it’s still up…

I submit that the number is probably well in excess of 100,000 dead, and since historically VAERS reports anywhere from 1% to 10% of actual adverse vaccine reactions (currently about 11,000 dead as of this writing) then the number may actually be substantially higher.

If this is true, then the Biden Administration is actively and purposefully promoting the execution of Americans.

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Thomas Hanna
Thomas Hanna
2 years ago

VAERS at >1% means over 1million true number. That is deaths only, not crippled for life etc.

Face to face at the hospital, I was told, in confidence, that there are no beds available and half are from the jab. Also, half the staff are hold outs and ready to walk if mandated.

2 years ago
Reply to  Thomas Hanna

They ain’t sticking me, oh hell no !!!


[…] Lawsuit filed accusing government of hiding 45,000 deaths from covid vaccines… […]


[…] Lawsuit Filed Today Accusing Government of Hiding More Than 45,000 Dead Americans from the Jab […]