Lemmings… At the precipice of WWIII

We have been and are being conditioned to believe a lie, to calmly accept what is purported to be “the inevitable.”

While the eyes of most Americans watched the political made for TV series ‘Presidential Debate 2012’, the trailer for the biggest James-Bondsonian type of screenplay ever produced, ‘Middle East, on the road to Armageddon’ just showed in a theatre near you. A well-connected source just secreted me a copy of the script, and if it plays out as currently written, it’s guaranteed to be a horrible, horrible ending… for the lemmings.

This mega-budget action/adventure film has been in production for some time and is soon to be released, possibly, just in time for the holidays. The writers and directors have been tweaking and honing the script to fit some recent “on location” filming opportunities. This is such an important production, that most of the “big name” actors will do anything to be in it; it’s the stuff of legends.

“United Globalista’s Studios” who’ve underwritten this production want to keep a tight rein on the script because they don’t want the twists of the plot and subplots leaked before the big premiere. Why? The studio Moguls in this case are pretty darn smart, they know how “everyone” just wants to be a star, so they are going to let “US,” the invited guests have a part in the final scenes which, surprise, surprise… they intend to “shoot” with a live audience! The studios are hoping that the invited participants remain calm, believing they will enjoy the satisfaction of a feel-good ending.

Me? I see a turntable spinning in the distance.

We are at the precipice of global conflict, WW III. The killing of Ambassador Stevens and other Americans in Libya was merely the prelude, like the opening scenes in a Bond film, but we haven’t yet grasped how it relates to the rest of the script. During the ‘Arab Spring’ we thought we were seeing trailers for several different films before the main attraction, but little did we know how seamlessly the various clips all tie together at the end. The show has already started.


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