Line Them Up

As outlined in Martyrs of Unity, the United States should be looking at Iran’s treaties in the upcoming war. President Ahmadinejad is in Latin American to secure commitments and treaties with Iran.

What is our president doing? Cutting the military and pandering to illegal aliens. Is it any wonder that gun sales in the United States are at all time records?

Ahmadinejad to seek help in Latin America as sanctions bite

Iranian president set to arrive in Venezuela as part of Latin American swing; US: “As the regime feels increasing pressure, it is desperate and flailing around in interesting places to find new friends.”

With one eye on his standing at home ahead of March’s parliamentary election, Ahmadinejad will meet other anti-American presidents on a trip Washington said showed Iran was “desperate for friends”.

I don’t believe Washington’s analysis of Iran being “desperate for friends”. The United States has enough enemies (both foreign and domestic) who will join with Russia and Iran to attack the “Great Satan”.

President Obama’s plan to cut the military by 500,000 soldiers at this time is nothing more than opening the backdoor to our destruction. When the wolves are at our gates, what will a community organizer and labor union “leaders” do to protect the nation’s security?

David DeGerolamo

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