LIVE Webcast: “Debunking Patriot Myths”

It’s hard to go after the truth when you’re chasing fairy tales. Hosts John Ainsworth and Cliff Muncy of America’s Remedy will be presenting a two-part LIVE, online webcast series starting this Thursday 11.29.12 @ 7PM. We’ll debunk several myths that have plagued the patriot community for years, including:

1. The Original 13th Amendment
2. The United States Is Not A Country, it’s a Corporation.
3. Sovereign Citizens
4. Congress Adjourn Sine Die
5. George Washington Took the Wrong Oath
6. The Articles of Confederation / The Northwest Ordinance Created the Government of the “United States of America”
7. We Still Operate Under the Articles of Confederation


All shows are archived at the above URL for later viewing. But please join us during the LIVE webcast at 7PM, and bring your questions for the Q&A at the end of the broadcast!

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