MAGA People

I want to comment on the following Biden quote from his now infamous Independence Hall “Soul of the Nation” speech:

“Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very republic”

Let’s remove his reference to Donald Trump and concentrate on his latter premise:

“ MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very republic”

First, let’s define a MAGA Republican as an American citizen who wants to make America great again.

Two points:

  1. We have to agree that America is no longer great and determine how we lost our “greatness”.
  2. We have to agree that the premise of any citizen who wants their country to be great does not threaten the Republic.

I know who destroyed the Republic: Politicians and the intelligence community (mainly the CIA and their FBI lackeys). While the Democrat Party bears more responsibility for the overthrow of the Republic by the Deep State, the Republican party was complicit, incompetent and silent in the face of evil. I do not want to overlook our apathy as this “transition” to tyranny went unchallenged. However, the final consequence is that America is no longer great.

As to the second point, our country has to reach rock bottom in order to fight evil and rebuild a better country and future for our children. When will we know when this point is reached? The answer is simple: when our leaders are so desperate that they think we will believe that wanting to make our country great again is an extremist view and threatens the very Republic.

I do not know about you but wallowing in the mud with traitors who overthrew the Republic is the threat to our Liberty. Many people will state that Biden’s speech is just a symptom of his dementia; it is not. The idea for the Soul of the Country speech and the people who wrote that propaganda realize that they went too far.

David DeGerolamo

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tom finley
tom finley
3 months ago

They are not hiding anything anymore, they throw their tyranny up in our face, and beg us to do something about it. They are so confident in this regard, that we are left in awe, paralyzed and afraid. Why? They are to big and bad, they have the whole of this communist regime behind them. Let us repent and ask GODS to forgive our sins and stand and fight.

3 months ago
Reply to  tom finley

and we must be like the men God would have us to be, but Gods people are not supposed to live in fear, fear is a sinful act in these situations.
God said be not afraid of their (Liberal Marxist Communist democrats) ugly looks and sneers just rebuke them all in Christ name and watch them melt and go into brain decomposition.

tom finley
tom finley
3 months ago
Reply to  Phil

Your right Phil, I do not fear these satanists.