Mike Lee: Obama’s abuse of power is ‘inexcusable’

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Fed up
Fed up
8 years ago

Getting rid of the Monroe Doctrine and signing the UN gun ban are also an abuses of power. This administration has disregarded so many Constitutional items that one can hardly remember them all to make a list. The United States is done, gone, over and totally on the decline, the bottom is near. Bible prophesy is being fulfilled all over the world. All the great countries and empires have had their time. We have had ours too. I just didn’t think I’d see the decline go so fast especially in my life time. What do we tell our children?

Fed up
Fed up
8 years ago

Tick, tick, tick the clock is ticking on the CWII scenario.
But, how do I explain to my 7 year old, when the day comes, that the flag she loves is the symbol of a country that was betrayed by it’s leaders. Then tell her why we don’t have the freedom to do what every red blooded American was guaranteed under the Constitution to be able to do. Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That our freedom of religion and other rights according to the Bill of Rights has been eroded. I pray I will be part of the fight to restore our country back to it’s citizens. I think it will be easier to explain then.
Thank you David for your knowledge and dedication.