My Response to John McCain’s Solicitation for a Campaign Contribution

Mr. McCain,
I hold you responsible for the collapse of the country. I know that you are not alone in the destruction of the Great Experiment.
I will only contribute money to a candidate who shows a proven method to resolve our fiscal crisis. We both know that is not possible. Thanks to “politicians” like yourself.
You are a disgrace to what is left of this country
Not sincerely,
David DeGerolamo
Sent: Friday, November 29, 2013 11:25 AM
Subject: We Must Act Now

David,Like you, I am deeply concerned about the direction our country is heading.

Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Washington Liberals have taken us down a dark and dangerous path defined by record levels of debt, ever-expanding government, and a lead-from-behind defense strategy. There’s not much time left to turn things around.

Principled leadership is desperately needed to redirect our nation’s course and ensure a better tomorrow for our children and grandchildren.

But this change will not happen if the Republican Party doesn’t have the funds needed right now to execute their strategy to elect Republicans in every city, district and state.

There’s too much at stake. The liberals are fully stocking their campaign war chests so they can continue to rubberstamp every big-government, job-killing, tax-and-spend scheme Obama dreams up.

We must not let the liberals win — so we need you to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our Republican team.

We must act now to promote prosperity and preserve peace.

We must act now to defeat the liberals’ overreaching agenda and defend the conservative principles upon which our country was founded.

We must act now to reform our failing government, revitalize our ailing economy, and renew the foundations of our strength and leadership in the world.

There’s only one month left until Election Year 2014 begins. With 36 governorships, 35 Senatorial, 435 Congressional and thousands of other offices at stake, the GOP needs your full commitment right now.

The Republican National Committee needs to raise millions of dollars to expand their ground operation, advance their data and technology capabilities, and enhance their engagement with minority communities.

I believe in the Republican Party and am committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure they have the resources needed to fight and win in 2014. Are you?

Contribute $14 today and commit to building the foundation for Republican victories in 2014.


John McCain

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7 years ago

That moron should be tarred and feathered, and sent back to Vietnam!