N.C. closes schools, bans mass gatherings over coronavirus

North Carolina shut down its public school system for at least two weeks Saturday, and the governor banned mass gatherings of more than 100 people, ratcheting up the state’s response on COVID-19.

The school closure was a change of heart for Gov. Roy Cooper’s administration, which had resisted this step as recently as Friday afternoon, citing Centers for Disease Control guidance that didn’t recommend closure and hasn’t changed in the last 24 hours.

CLICK HERE to read the executive order.

The concerns of parents, teachers and others precipitated the move, Cooper said, as did the patchwork of closures popping up as local systems made their own calls to close.


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1 year ago

Apparently many parents in the state are now afraid that they will have to start feeding and raising their own children…..

1 year ago

173dVietVet, You may have something, or they will take them to the Grandparents because there is no place to go and expose the MOST vulnerable. And, by the way, where is the ban on crowding into Walmart, Giant, Target, etc.? Is that environment more ‘sterile’ than schools, churches, etc.? The numbers are statistically incapable of being correct since you cannot compare “death” figures to anything other than those that are not dead and everyone has NOT been tested so a denominator has not been established. The death rate is somewhere around 50 or 60 but 26 of those are in ONE Nursing home in Seattle. That skews the numbers significantly. It would be my best guess that we should monitor South Korea since they have good medical care and reporting and are testing a large number of people with a good idea of who is dying. The other issue is what are the demographics of those dying? This is a “Respiratory” virus, best I can tell and the ‘Old’ and Respiratory challenged are the most vulnerable. Practice good “Aseptic Technique” (wash your hands and stay away from sick people). We will get through this but the “hollering fire” in a crowded theater should be banned!