NC Non-Citizens Voting, Dead Offered Ballots, UNC Officials Embrace Voter Fraud

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In North Carolina we find people who are listed as non-citizens according to Jury refusal forms and who are also registered to vote. We get their comments and are offered their ballots. We are offered a ballot in the name of a dead man, and interview an election Judge who says he only wants to uphold parts of the state constitution. We also interview the following officials at UNC who seemingly embrace voter fraud:

Terri Phoenix — Director – UNC LGBTQ Center
Dean Blackburn UNC Assistant Dean of Students
Adam Limehouse – Director for the Coalition to Protect All NC Families.

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Stephen Olof Wikblom
12 years ago

Whats new?
In the 90s when I was capaigning for a Federal Seat in Australia it was discovered by community based research groups that the newly elected Federal Attorney General had received votes from over 3,000 dead people.
Now you tell me, how does an Independent fight against the Federal Attorney General who is also a member of the winning Party?
The case was addressed in Court/Tribunal by some groups trying to raise a Disputed Election Return upheld but none prevailed as the Party system will not allow any of its Members to go down.
Recently (2011) one of our Senators was investigated and it was found that he had been spying on members of the Commonwealth of Australia Parliament over a long period for U.S.A interests.
Guess what, he got a chiding (smack on the rist) and no charges.
This filthy traitor should have been jailed for life at the very least, but no, as I said previously, the Party will rarely let one of their own go down.
The affluent are too rich to care,
The less than afluent are too poor to be able to do much,
and the middle class are too busy just trying to keep their home and head above water to have time.
Oh, and the middle class are paying for everything else,
like keeping the rich and poor alive
Ie. paying for the welfare benefits of the poor,
and by paying the taxes of Banks, Corporations (Goldman& Sachs, JP Morgan)/Big business (the rich), that are so affluent, that they don’t have to pay tax.

Yes, the Middle Class are the last impediment to ‘THEM’ taking complete control of the world.

Stephen Olof Wikblom…Sheep Shearer…Australia