NJ Citizen testimony cut off; Chairman sits during Pledge of Allegiance

From YouTube:

After a late start, and a “ten minute break” that lasted more than a half hour, the NJ Senate committee on gun control decides to cut off public comment on the proposed gun control bills at 4 o’clock. The chairman and most of the committee then refuse to honor the pledge of allegiance. This took place at the NJ Senate gun control hearings in Trenton on April 30, 2013.

h/t John P

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Fed Up
Fed Up
8 years ago

We all have heard the stats about the gun violence going down. We all wonder why they go after “assault” weapons when it’s mostly stolen guns or hand guns in general that are being used. We all know that the politicians of both parties are trying to criminalize us law abiding citizens. My question is…… don’t the police and DHS people have addresses? Do they believe they are going to be safe when the SHTF? Don’t they know they will be considered part of the “problem” when it comes down to the reality of who has the guns? The cops are pawns being used and I hope they wake up soon.