No Consent: Your child can now be sterilized in Oregon for free

Liberty has requirements. It means that we must be responsible for our actions and make informed decisions. If we do not, apathy and submission to the state will erode our freedom and we will find ourselves reading articles such as the one below. Is the author presenting a real case scenario of the new health care or an extreme interpretation? Is the NDAA the precursor to implementing a police state similar to the Soviet Union? Why do we even have to ask such questions if we are truly “the Land of the Free”? Or “the Home of the Brave”? Why separate them into two parts: because we must be brave to maintain (or regain) our freedom. They are not mutually exclusive and if we do not understand this simple premise, we have lost our freedom and do not deserve Liberty.

When we take freedom for granted, we will find ourselves in the exact situation that our country is now facing. Where are the brave? Where are the people who will bravely stand up and shout “Enough”?

David DeGerolamo

No Consent: Your child can now be sterilized in Oregon for free

There is a shocking development in the new Obamacare Contraception Mandate that went into effect in Oregon on August 1. Your 15-year-old (as young as 12 in some cases) child can be sterilized for free, without your consent. Sterilized, not reversible but a permanent end to your child’s ability to reproduce. Do you feel a 15-year-old is mature enough to make that decision? They can’t legally drive to a clinic to have it done, or even legally engage in sex but they can make a decision affecting their lifelong ability to procreate.

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 436.205 to 436.335 states: ‘Informed consent’ means consent given by an individual 15 years of age or older for sterilization that is: (a) Based upon a full understanding of the nature and consequences of sterilization pursuant to information requirements set forth in ORS 436.225(1); (b) Given by an individual competent to make such a decision; and (c) Wholly voluntary and free from coercion, express or implied.” Oregon defines “sterilization” as “any medical procedure, treatment or operation for the purpose of rendering an individual permanently incapable of procreating.”


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