Not No, but HELL NO!

I received an email from FEMA that is soliciting my or my group’s participation with their National Preparedness Month Coalition (the email is shown in its entirety at the end of this article). I removed the hyperlink to in the email since it has extensive tracking embedded as shown below (modified with “x” replacements just in case). Why would this benevolent government agency embed an elaborate tracking code into their email?




You can go directly to their site without tracking if you want to sign up your group:

Who Can Sign Up To Be An NPM Coalition Member?

NPM Coalition membership is open to all individuals as well as all public and private sector organizations for free. Even if you were a coalition member last year, it’s important that you register this year to have the benefits of a coalition member. And be sure that each level of your organization registers – branch offices, regional offices, retail stores, etc. – so they can promote preparedness at their location, too.

What Do I Get For Being A Coalition Member?

Access to the NPM community Website, where you can find a toolkit that includes templates, resources and tips to assist you with promoting emergency preparedness. You will also find an NPM calendar where you can post your events and see what other organizations are doing in your community. In addition, you can share your success stories, participate in best practice discussions, and connect with fellow coalition members. Your organization will also be listed on our Web site!

How Do I Register My Organization?

You can register to become a NPM Coalition Member by registering for this community. In the past we have had as many as 4,800 NPM Coalition Members who worked to create a culture of emergency preparedness in the United States. We hope your organization will join us in spreading this emergency preparedness message in 2011!

Ronald Reagan put this in perspective:

 The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.’

Based on FEMA’s response to the wildfires in Texas and the continued flooding in the Missouri River Basin, it is clear that this inept government organization is more concerned with power than its purported “mission“.

David DeGerolamo

Email content 

Dear Community Members,

National Preparedness Month 2011 is just weeks away, and we know that you will join us in our commitment to making 2011 our most successful year to date.  Help us promote all of the great work you do across the country, get the public to participate in your preparedness events and initiatives.

Many of you have told us about the National Preparedness Month planning that began long ago in your states and communities, but in order for us to present our efforts as a National effort, and to garner additional media attention for preparedness; we all need to coordinate with one another like never before.  Sharing our activities with the public and each other not only allows the exchange of ideas, but gives us the opportunity to show the public, local, tribal, state, and federal leadership, as well as decision makers in Congress exactly what it is you do.  The more information we share with the public and each other, the stronger we all become. 

You have told us what adjustments you wanted for National Preparedness Month so the NPM Team has created a number of different tools that reflect that feedback, and will help you get people involved in your communities. When you sign up here:, you’ll have access to the new tools on the 2011 National Preparedness Month website including:

  • National and Regional discussion forums so you can engage with fellow Coalition Members as well as FEMA representatives to share ideas, give and receive advice from your peers across the country.  The discussions have already begun and it has been great to hear what others are doing! 
  • Event Calendars to post and promote your preparedness events at both the National and/or Regional level.  We will promote those calendars to the public so that they can join your public facing events. 
  • Success Stories so you can share your experiences and read about what other groups have done for ideas and inspiration. 
  •  All of the Coalition Member resources we’ve made available, including this year’s toolkit, banners, and customizable materials.
  • You will be the first to know about new NPM partnerships that will impact the state and local level.
  • Your event, activity or launch will be part of our 2011 After Action Report, similar to the2010 Report and used and distributed far and wide.

In the spirit of including the whole community, we want have as many events and coalition members this year as possible, and from a wide array of issue areas — This event should be truly national in scope and scale!  But we also want to put faces to these numbers by highlighting real stories about real people making an effort to prepare their communities and make them more resilient.  The many disasters happening across the United States and throughout the world have inspired the public to take action like never before.  We’re counting on you to reach out to individuals, families, communities, organizations, and businesses in your communities to get their stories and to share them with the nation.

Thank you for the support and work you’ve already done this year. We will continue to develop and update the new tools in the coming weeks. If you have any questions, feedback or comments, please email us at

 All the best,

FEMA/National Preparedness Month Team

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Cliff Muncy
10 years ago

So funny… I know the father of the kid in the graphic you used here.